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Second-Grader’s Surprising Find Brightens A Grandmother’s Day


“I noticed my 40th anniversary ring my husband had recently given me was no longer on my finger.”

“I had waited for my grandkids outside Ridge View Elementary that afternoon and I thought the ring must have slipped off onto the playground. Immediately I and some family members headed to the school with flashlights and searched all over the playground but couldn’t find it. I reported the ring as missing to the police and checked in at pawn shops but it didn’t turn up. I was heartsick about losing the ring but then, several weeks later, the school contacted me. A second-grader named Irelynn had found the ring on the playground and thought it was just a toy until her parents saw it and suggested she turn it in to the office. I was overjoyed. She may not know it now but I hope she eventually realizes how much this meant to me. And I hope the rest of our community realizes that there are good people like Irelynn out there.” – Laurie A., Kennewick.

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