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Answering A Late Night Call To Help Stranded Students


“Our staff are always willing to lend a hand and our transportation department is no exception.”

“The Wahkiakum High School pep band was on its way to Spokane to support their school’s girls basketball team in the state tournament when its bus broke down outside Boardman, Ore, late at night. Their district called Lon Raney, our shop supervisor, for help. Mr. Raney reached out to Assistant Transportation Director Kathy Phenneger and she asked one of our bus drivers, Stacy Gastman, to drive down with a bus. Ms. Gastman picked up the students and brought them back to Kennewick where they dropped her off and continued on to Spokane with our bus on loan. While the pep band watched their team play, Wahkiakum’s bus was towed to our shop where Mr. Raney repaired it and had it ready when they drove back down after the tournament. As Mr Raney says, ‘We all need a hand from time to time. Helping others out is just what you do.'” –Kennewick School District

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