Acts of #KennewickKindness

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Great or small, an act of kindness can inspire others. We invite our community, students, staff members, and partners to join us by sharing stories of acts of kindness. We look forward to posting them to our website and social media.

Stories of Kindness

Helping Out Her Fellow Students

“I just want Dulce, one of our fifth-graders at Amistad Elementary, to know what a privilege it is to have her helping in the Life Skills classroom.”

A Fifth-Grader Dedicated To Guiding And Teaching Kindergarteners

“Issac Tan is one of our fifth-grade Bus Buddies who helps kindergartners line up for the bus at the end of each school day. His personal commitment to guiding and helping our youngest students is inspiring.”

Second-Grader’s Surprising Find Brightens A Grandmother’s Day

“I noticed my 40th anniversary ring my husband had recently given me was no longer on my finger.”

Answering A Late Night Call To Help Stranded Students

“Our staff are always willing to lend a hand and our transportation department is no exception.”

Paraeducator Sees To Every Student’s Needs

“We just want to recognize Julie Klinginsmith for going above and beyond to help students get what they need, even if that means scheduling a student’s eye doctor appointment.”

Students Give Comfort To Those In Need

“Our Natural Helpers at Desert Hills Middle School do such a great job thinking of ways to help everyone in our community.”


Our hope is to log more than one thousand acts of Kennewick Kindness during the first year of our campaign. We will not be surprised if our community surpasses this goal because when you think about it, kindness has no limits. 


On a cold winter day, a Kennewick School District bus driver noticed a young boy board his bus without gloves. The boy's hands were red and there were tears in his eyes. The bus driver gave the boy his own gloves and returned to the school later that day to drop off new pairs for any child that needed them.

The school district posted the story to social media and thousands of people reacted around the world with wonderful, positive messages of gratitude and inspiration.

If you live in Kennewick, you know it's a friendly community. We are surrounded by generous and warmhearted people who show their care and concern for others in a variety of ways. You also know that giving spirit is at the heart of our community.

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